Monday, March 23, 2015

Way Behind and A Shaky Start For the New Year

Time has just slipped by and isn't the same, I meant to be back here at my blog way before now. Depression has been an issue in my life from time to time in various degrees and it is now a part of my life again, along with dealing with circumstances in my life which have been under the surface for a good while.

Something to think about --

WARNING! a few choice words you may not be comfortable with so feel free to skip or "enjoy the meat and spit out the bones":

Quote from the article/post "Depression is Not a Scandal" by Jamie Wright:

"... No one has ever suggested that if I only prayed harder, my thyroid disease would be cured.
No one has ever suggested that I'm clinging to sin which is causing my thyroid to malfunction.
No one has ever suggested that I need to get right with Jesus to heal my thyroid.
No one has ever grown uncomfortable or gone silent when I've mentioned my thyroid disorder.

Do you know how much stigma is attached to having a thyroid that misfires? ZERO STIGMA. I can talk about it at church. I can pick up my meds without getting sideways glances from old ladies. I can sleep aaaaaall daaaaay looooong because my Tsh levels are off - no one bats an eyelash. But, apparently, I'm supposed to stay quiet about depression because, apparently, the chemical imbalance that causes depression makes other people uncomfortable ..."

Read entire article/post here:
"Depression is Not a Scandal" by Jamie Wright


  1. Hello sweet friend, hope you are feeling better soon, but I know, like a cold or sickness, this is not always so quick. I had a mom and brother who took their lives years ago in depression. That was before the brain chemistry connection was fully understood. We were just hearing about it back then. I"ll be praying for you. Putting you on my prayer list. We are stateside now on furlough.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. Prayers are greatly appreciated too. Enjoy your furlough. I still pray for Ukriane. :-)


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