Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Felt Sewing: Snowmen

I've been working on some handmade felt snowmen for Christmas and birthday gifts for family and friends since last November 2006. So far, I've made five snowmen with getting only three done last Christmas and the other two for birthday gifts this past spring and summer. I planned to make seven and hoped to have them all done by last Christmas but it didn't work out so I'm working on the last two for this Christmas. These are snowmen with with a "winter-snow" look rather than a "Christmasy" look so they can be used throughout the entire winter season.

My inspiration for each of the snowmen came from the snowmen on the tins that I found at a local craft store. Each is different and unique. I made my own simple pattern and the wool felt was easy to work with. The buttons are old, antique buttons from a garage sale find several years ago and the little pieces of cloth in the pockets and patches are old vintage scrap quilting material I also found at a garage sale. I crocheted the hats and scarves in single crochet with a small hook so the yarn curled on its own.

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