Friday, December 10, 2010

The First Snow

The first snow of the season always brings excitement to a ordinary winter day. As long as the roads aren't too messy and unsafe I enjoy a white winter and having the ground entirely covered. We've only had our first real snow of the season in the past week -- a few inches with more possibly this weekend. 

The First Snow

How strange the new, soft silence in the air!
So still -- it seemed that we could almost hear
The snowflakes, ere we saw them, drifting down
As lilies from the wall of heaven might fall --
Making the whole world beautiful and fair;
Brightening the lonely roads, the meadows scar,
The garden-beds, the hedge-briers, rough and brown,
Dancing and whirling in their voiceless mirth,
As if half wild with joy, to reach the earth.
How strange the muffled sound of song, or call,,
Or echoing laughter, or faint sleigh-bells' chime?
Each heart keeps memory of such a time,
When, on some winter morn, we waked to know
The first sweet noiseless advent of the snow.
~Madeline S. Bridges~

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