Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sunflower Circle

Yesterday was a good day for working in the garden and today was another good day for sowing more seeds. MORE Sunflower seeds! There's an area in my backyard that I've worked the soil in a circle shape approximately 12 feet in diameter. This is going to be the "Sunflower Circle" where I've put MORE Russian Mammoth Sunflower seeds! Have I said how much I love Sunflowers? I've also sown a new kind to me called Summertime Mix and it's a lovely variety of summery colors. To protect the seed beds I covered them with Gardeneer Harvest Guard Cover. This is one of the best garden products I've used in my garden. It's wonderful for keeping the birds out of the seed bed. This is a thin, lightweight, woven fabric that lets about 90% sunlight through and also air and moisture. I've used it for lettuce as a canopy over containers and also for later in the season when it gets chilly and it helps extend the growing season a bit. It's easy to anchor with rocks and bamboo stakes. Once the seeds have germinated, pushed up through the soil and have a few inches of growth I remove the cover and save it to use again. Great garden tool! The Sunflower image is a photo of a Sunflower from my garden last year made with a watercolor filter.

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