Thursday, March 15, 2012

Stirrings and Hints of Spring

The Pussy Willows at the back of my neighbor's yard are beginning to unfold and open, I can see them over the fence -- one of the stirrings and hints of Spring. My watercolor of Pussy Willow and a poem by Kate L. Brown.
Pussy Willow

Pussy Willow wakened
From her winter nap,
For the frolic spring breeze
On her door would tap.

“It is chilly weather
Though the sun feels good.
I will wrap up warmly,
Wear my furry hood.”

Mistress Pussy Willow
Opened wide her door.
Never had the sunshine
Seemed so bright before.

Never had the brooklet
Seemed so full of cheer:
“Good morning, Pussy Willow,
Welcome to you, dear!!”

Never guest was quainter:
Pussy came to town
In a hood of silver gray,
And a coat of brown.

Happy little children
Cried with laugh and shout,
“Spring is coming, coming,
Pussy Willow’s out.”
~Kate L. Brown~

Pussy-Willow Time

That every footprint’s now a pool,
And every rut a river cool,
Are things light vernal hearts make nought of;
For mud time’s pussy-willow time
When tender-hearted bluebirds chime,
And unborn violets first are thought of.
 ~Robert Frost~

Betz White has a new way of having colorful Pussy Willow branches for an indoor arrangement.


  1. Deb, these are just beautiful. You did a wonderful job of depicting their beauty. It would make a nice card.
    Blessings on your day,
    Coleen in Ukraine

  2. Thank you so much for visiting and for your kind words. I've always loved the Pussy Willow and have wanted to learn to draw/paint them.


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