Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Giveaway!

My art friend Patty, from This My Blessed Life, is having a giveaway: "My Trash Your Treasure". To be entered in her giveaway, leave a comment at her blog about turning your last "trash" into a "treasure" then to get additional entries become a "follower" and/or post on your own blog. Simple as that!


  1. So tickled to discover my blog badge on your blog. Thank you sweet friend.

  2. CONGRATS DEB, you're the WINNER of my giveaway!!! I will be getting that in to the mail today, so you should have it shortly!!
    Thank you for playing along~
    Enjoy all of your goodies!!

  3. Oh, Patty, thank you so much! What a pleasant surprise this morning! I am so sorry it's taken so long to respond but the past week has been a rough with with a death in the extended family, some health issues and my work schedule.

    I am excited to see all the goodies and I appreciate the opportunity to have a part in your giveaway! What a lovely surprise this rainy morning! Thanks so much!


  4. Hey Deb, Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with this crazy busy schedule right now. I'm looking forward to posting a little more frequently now that summer is here! Hope to see more from you soon!


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