Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Catching Up & Some Art From Claudine Hellmuth's Online Class

I'm way behind but I wanted to post some of the art I did for Claudine Hellmuth's online composition class back in August. I really enjoyed her class and she is a wonderful teacher, very easy to talk with. She views each comment, art piece and gives her thoughts and ideas.

"Spring Is Here"

"You and Me"

"On the Alert for Spring"

"Spring Beauty"

"Awful Tired of Keeping Still"

"Sundry Persons"

My sis is doing better, I'm settling in at my new job and now I'm doing some Autumn cleaning, getting back to routine again. It's starting to be a beautiful Autumn in my area. Happy Autumn!


  1. You did a beautiful job on all these pieces! I signed up for that class but at the time I wasn't able to really participate. I should revisit it!

    1. Hi Susan!

      Thank you!

      I really enjoyed the class and it's wonderful that we can go back and take it again any time we want.


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