Saturday, June 22, 2013

Trift Store Treasure

My life has slowed down in one sense but just as full in another. One place that I am able to slow down and relax is at a thrift store. I love to walk through the aisles looking over the items on the shelves, I relax with just looking. Some times I go with a specific thing in mind to look for, perhaps a book, crochet doilies, old artist paint brushes and some times with nothing in mind. Just to look. A couple of weeks ago I came across a treasure, one I had not set out to look for (a lot of my treasures are found while looking for some thing else) but nevertheless I knew I had found my treasure for the day. There sat a vintage paper hole punch. A vintage multiple hole punch made by Mutual Products Inc, Massachusetts 1950's -- dusty, dingy, grimy, oily, very dull looking but I knew it could be cleaned up and very useful. Here it is as found:

Here it is cleaned and shiny, ready to use for projects:

There are still some visible scratches and wear but for $1.98 but I don't really see them. ;-) What vintage treasure have you found?

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