Wednesday, October 22, 2014

'Tis Autumn But My Calendar Isn't Current!

Summer has slipped away, October is almost over and I haven't even updated my dry-erase calendar yet. It isn't current, it still says September, it really is AUTUMN. The back yard landscaping is done for the most part with some final touches needed next Spring. We've been enjoying this beautiful Autumn weather, candle lit evenings on the porch, walks at the park and in the neighborhood, Autumn soups, fresh orchard Honeycrisp Apples with popcorn, & Pumpkin Spice coffee. Our neighborhood is peaking right now with rich color and the leaves are twirling down rapidly with the cool breezes. They'll need to be raked soon. I'm also staying very busy helping my daughter with her new fur baby, Oscar, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He arrived in June and the days are filled with fun and caring for him. I forgot how much time and work and energy it requires in the first year of puppy life! Oscar really enjoys his walks & rustling in the leaves. With the holidays around the corner I hope to update more on my blog as Oscar is fitting into our schedule more and more.

One of my favorite songs "'Tis Autumn" by Stacey Kent:

Happy Autumn!

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