Thursday, June 9, 2011

My First Challenge - Mary's June Collage Challenge

I've never participated in any of the many wonderful art challenges until now. This is my first time. Mary from Green Paper has a monthly challenge. I loved the images for the "June Collage Challenge" especially the image of the mother and children. I've been collecting images of mothers and children for making personalized family history art. I made a special art piece for my Mother last summer for her 80th birthday and have wanted to make similar ones for a few special family members but haven't got around to it yet. Mary's image is one I've never seen and I thought it would be a good one for getting me started on my other family history art projects.

I've missed the cut off time of having it finished and posted before Wednesday but I wanted to link it to her site anyway. The challenge is to use all three images in some way, any way, and this is what I came up with. Thank you, Mary, for sharing your lovely images!


  1. This is adorable, a wonderful collage. Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog.

  2. I had to come and see what you are creating...thanks for your comment on my blog as that gave me the opportunity to come visit yours. :)
    Your collage is so nicely delicate...the look of a gentler time.

  3. Beautiful !!!
    Glad to see in this challenge.

  4. Lovely! I like how you used the song! And thanks for visiting my blog! My first challenge too! It was fun!

  5. Ladies, thank you for visiting and for all your kinds words. I hope to see more of your art in future challenges. :-)


  6. Your collage is lovely! I wanted to stop by and take a look and thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comments. I hope we see each other in more fun challenges in the future :-)

  7. Jules,

    Thank you for visiting. I hope to see you and more of your art again soon. :-)



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