Friday, June 3, 2011

Spring Basket Swap

I'm a member of a paper artists yahoo group and we had a Spring Basket Swap that I was able to participate in. I just received my basket in the mail today made by Mary U. I have it hanging in my kitchen already. I love the blue, aqua and green colored flowers. It's bright, cheerful and spring-like, very much needed with all the gray, cloudy days we're having. Now, I need to get moving on finishing the painting in my "little yellow kitchen/pantry" which are blues, aquas, and greens that are to be the accent colors. My new basket from Mary will be a wonderful piece of art for my kitchen -- thank you, Mary!! :-) Patty, the host of the swap, has a post at her blog (This My Blessed Life) with a picture of the baskets made for the "Spring Basket Swap" -- all the other ladies did a beautiful job on their baskets!

Mary's basket sent to me:

Here's my Spring Basket I sent to the swap - the basket is empty for now but I have a surprise:

Here's my basket with the surprise in it:

Happy Spring!


  1. Deb, So glad you participated in this swap! Wasn't it fun, though?!?! I enjoyed your blog, too!

  2. What a great idea for a swap, and I esp like yours with the surprise in it! Patsy from

  3. Deb, your baskets are just lovely. I wanted to do that swap, but thought better of it due to all the catching up around here from almost 4 months absence. Maybe I"ll just have to make some for myself. Hope you have a lovely Sunday filled with joy and a sense of his loving presence. Zephanieh 3:17-"He rejoices over you."

    Coleen in Ukraine

  4. Yes, this was a very fun swap. I hope you enjoyed your surprises! :-)

  5. Hi Patsy,

    Thanks for stopping by! I will be back to your blog soon.

    Blessings! :-)

  6. Hi Coleen,

    Thanks for stopping by. Patty put the pattern for the basket in a file at the yahoo group. I have three others partially made but they will have to sit for a while due to working on graduation projects. I'll be back to your blog again AND I hope to see some of your art from the class your taking. I hope I can take it in August.



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