Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hibernating From The Heat Wave

Our weather has been oppressively hot. Including today there have been 22 days of 90 degree temps or above in the month of July. Not as hot as others have had it but we're not use to this many days of high temperature. The ground in the front yard has become hard and cracked. The back yard is a bit better only due to watering my flowers and garden. The flowers have required lots of water, daily, some times both morning and evening. Even the sun loving ones have been a lot thirstier.  The tomato plants have grown a lot and are nice green but there aren't many blossoms.  My faithful Sunflowers are getting taller every day. One of the 10 foot tall ones is blooming now but it's so tall that I can't get a good picture of it. Hopefully the shorter ones that are around 5 to 7 feet will have some flowers in the next few weeks.

It's this type of summer and this hot of "hot" that makes me long for the lake and the beach. I wish I was doing the same as the little girl in this picture and I am really missing Lake Michigan right now. We aren't able to go to the lake this summer so I'm looking through all my pictures from our last visit to Lake Michigan and remembering those days and times. It's so peaceful there and it always reminds me of just how small I am. So, without the beach this summer I'm finding other ways to hear "the holy silence of God's voice" for reminding myself of my "smallness" and God's "greatness".

I have to admit, I am spoiled, I love hibernating in my air conditioning and that's where I've been. So as I've been hibernating in my air conditioning I've been working on my daughter's journal and I've also been working on my 10 journal pages for a journal swap I'm participating in. All the main work is done, now it just embellishing and final touches then they'll be done for the September 16th due date. This photo below is of the paper and colors I'm using for the journal pages -- yellow, orange, aqua, tan, pink, brown -- it's called "Funky Vintage - Lizzie Collection" from Making Memories that I found at my local Joann store:

I'm still hibernating today but I hope there is a break of some cooler temps soon because I really need to weed my garden. They're getting quite tall!

As silently, as tenderly
The down of peace descends on me.
O, this peace! I have no need
Of friend to talk, of book to read:
A dear Companion here abides:
Close to my thrilling heart He hides:
The holy silence of His voice:
I lie and listen, and rejoice.
~John Townsend Trowbridge~


  1. Hello Deb, just checking in to see whas'up. I grew up on Lake Michigan too in northern Illinois, suburbs north of Chicago. The lake was fun.
    Read on CPA you are a home schooler. We did the same with our girls too. So something else we have in common. I understand the "not being used to this kind of heat." That's how it is for us in Ukraine, but people stateside laugh at us. Hope you are having a lovely day. Hugs, Coleen in Ukraine

  2. Hi Coleen,

    Thanks for stopping by. It's been a bit cooler this past week so that's helped but we've had very little rain. Some possible rain tonight through tomorrow. Yes, homeschoolers tend to love meeting other homeschoolers. I know I do. :-) And when faith and art are there too, well, it's very special. I'm glad I've met you through the CPA. Blessings and hugs! :-)

  3. Deb - thanks for stopping by again. My daughter has a budding photography business, too. She just did her first wedding this past weekend. I don't have a blog button, but I have seen some tutorials on how to make one. So maybe I can put one together soon. I'm enjoying the cooler weather in MI right now. What a relief. I'm working in an altered book today for a round robin. Hope to post pictures soon. Loved your comment about finding ways to hear "the holy silence of God's voice". Me too! Such a perfect way to describe it! Have a blessed day!


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