Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Finally A Blog Button!

Just finished making myself a blog button from my new blog banner:


  1. Great blog button and new banner. Lovely that they match. I didn't make mine, but someone else did. I'd have done it a bit different, but I don't know the first thing about making them, sooooo. I will try to post yours to my blog also. Your kind of blog, one that honors Him, is the kind I really like to promote....spreading the Word, so to speak.
    I know the feeling of quiting homeschooling, but my youngest daughter stayed at home a few years so it made the transition easier. We were empty nesters July a year ago and I"m still feeling it at times. I still have school books in the attic that I have no idea what I will do with (no lack of books to alter). So Deb, tho' we will always miss them now is a good time to focus on art, pour your energy into it and if you use it to glorify Him, you will find it very satisfying. So pray and ask Him how you can do that. You know, every time we post something online that lifts Him up we are a witness to His kingdom. And heaven knows the art community especially needs that kind of witness.
    Hope your Sunday is blessed.
    Hugs, Coleen

  2. Thank you. I really like your button because of the vintage look so I thought it fit your blog nicely. :-)

    Thank you, too, for your encouraging words. I have a ways to go yet as I have both daughters still here at home. Partially due to our finances, health/physical issues, and not sure of their own individual direction yet so we're all struggling some what. BUT emotionally they're growing up and away and I do what I can to recognize that and encourage it. Not the most ideal situation but we're praying I can get a part time job to get some of bills paid off, some medical bills paid off and help them become more independent with some schooling or activities. I appreciate your prayers and encouragement. :-)


  3. Thank, Deb, for stopping by my blog. I just added your button to mine. (If you want to trade still, I have a few different ones you can choose from down in my right sidebar.)

  4. Welcome! :-) I'd love to exchange. I'll be back to work on my blog later this evening or tomorrow to do that. Thanks for exchanging buttons with me.



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