Monday, August 22, 2011

Carry Along Projects

In the past 24 years with children (two daughters) I've had my share of activities away from home: drama clubs, ballet, music classes, guitar lessons, doctor appointments, library, etc. so I always took something along with me to pass the time as I waited. I always carried several things: a tablet, a book, and and workable art project. I still do this today for dentist/doctor appointment, physical therapy appointments. I some times help my sister and 81 year old mother with their appointments so I still have plenty of waiting time to work on small projects that fit in a plastic baggie to carry along with me. My current carry along project is a small cross stitch project (design by Bent Creek) called  "The Black Cat" -- they are one of my favorites for cross stitch designs.  I'm still enjoying our beautiful summer weather (a much welcomed change from all the scorching temps) but I'm trying to move into the next season a little bit with this autumn themed design. What type of art projects do you carry along with you while waiting for your family?


  1. i so admire those who have the patience for such detailed work! my take-along projects are usually knitting. but i'm a seasonal knitter, so that usually only happens during the colder months. i always have a little sketchbook in my purse though, and love to doodle when i can. people-watching and sketching is always fun for me...

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Seasonal projects and your sketching are wonderful too. :-)I tend to crochet more in autumn-winter.

    I'm learning how to knit so that stays at home where I can concentrate but out-and-about I take the projects not requiring a lot of concentration, slower projects, makes for a relaxing way to pass the time. We each have different crafts for that, don't we? :-)

  3. absolutely! i do love hearing how others relax and pass the time. i get a little excited when i see someone crafting in public, and resist the urge to go up to them and ask them about it because i imagine that that's their relaxing, me-time :) sometimes i do though, and have had some interesting chats as a result.

    anyway, happy to have connected. thanks for reaching out.

  4. "...i get a little excited when i see someone crafting in public, and resist the urge..."

    Oh, I do too. I've gone ahead a couple of times, also been asked about my project. I never minded and neither did the other person. :-)


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