Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August Garden Color

Because of all the hot temperature we had in July my garden has grown slower this year. Now with a break in the temperature the plants have started to come out of their survival mode and there is a bit more color.

The fuchsia and white Zinnias are getting taller every day:

the Gerbera loves the sun and heat:

the Echinacea is thriving and Goldfinch are beginning to feast on the seeds:

the herbs:
Cinnamon Basil, Dill, Basil
are doing better too:

towering faithful Sunflowers are reaching their heights of 6 to 11 feet with more and more flowers getting ready to pop open any day now:

pretty pink Petunias are finally enjoying their sunshine:

trailing over the fence and on the ground in several places around my yard are my favorite "Grandpa Ott's" Morning Glories captured in the soft early morning light:

and the Tomato plants are getting more blossoms -- I even found some hidden fruit nestled beneath all the green foliage and one small ripe Tomato which is no longer on the vine!

If the cooler, normal temperature stays around for a while the rest of the Sunflowers should be blooming soon.

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  1. Aww. Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments! :)
    Nope, I haven't done anymore with the kit. Actually, I haven't done much creating at all outside projects with the kids.

    Congrats to you and your daughter on her graduation. I know who to come to with homeschooling high school question! *Smile*

    wow, I LOVE your flowers! Makes me wish I had a green thumb, but no such luck. ;)
    Hugs, Ashlyn

  2. Oh, you're welcome! AND thanks, too, for stopping by and for the graduation wishes.

    I find Sunflowers one of the easier seed to start. They're easy by starting right in the ground after the last frost BUT here in our area, it's the birds who love the seeds so it's a challenge to keep the birds from getting to them before they germinate. The Russian Mammoth Sunflowers are so fun because of how tall they get. I'd encourage you to try them next summer. :-)

    Blessings and hugs!

  3. Your flowers are beautiful! Mine have struggled, too. Happy Saturday!

  4. Thank you, yes, even the sun loving plants are doing better.

    Blessings! :-)

  5. your photos are lovely. cinnamon basil? does it taste cinnamon-y? i haven't heard of that one yet!

  6. Thank you. Cinnamon Basil is a new one to me too. This is the first time growing it. I planted it by my patio hoping it would discourage mosquitos and other insects, perhaps keep them away from the patio and patio tomatoes.

    As far as taste, it is different but it seemed more licorice like than cinnamon to me. I have a couple of recipes I want to try that use Cinnamon Basil but I haven't got to them yet.

    The smell is wonderful! :-)

  7. I love posting pix from my garden too, but I'm way behind this year. Got the pictures, just slow to post. Been a busy missionary summer. Your garden is beautiful and healthy looking. Love the cone flowers.

    Coleen in Ukraine


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