Monday, March 5, 2012

Paper Roll Seed-Starters AGAIN

With the milder winter we've had this year I started my garden planning much earlier than I normally do, sorting through seeds I saved from last year and ordering new seeds. I want more tomato plants (I have 5 different kinds of Heirlooms in the paper roll seed-starters), vegetables and herbs so we're reconstructing our backyard garden this year, expanding it to have a new area with the vegetables on the West side and the flower beds on the existing East side. As soon as weather allows there will be lots of work to do!

While I'm waiting to start digging I've been busy making paper roll seed-starters (I use both paper towel rolls which I cut to desired size and toilet paper rolls) for some of my seed that arrived a few weeks ago. These seed-starters are the same kind I've used the past couple of years. It's not an original idea of mine, I found the idea at You Grow Girl and have successfully started plants for my garden in the past years. I use inexpensive plastic shoe box containers from Dollar Tree for trays to hold them. This year I've put fewer seed-starters in the the containers to allow for more air circulation. I changed mine into a square/rectangle shape instead of round:

1. Flatten and crease paper roll in fourths
2. Cut paper towel rolls to about 4 inches length (or desired length), no need to cut toilet paper rolls
3. Shape into a rectangle on creased folds
4. Cut flaps about 1 inch
5. Fold in flaps, secure with small piece of tape
6. Place in container, fill with moistened seed-starter medium
7. Sow the seeds
8. Label with a plant marker
All done, wait patiently! 

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