Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thrift Store Finds & Fabric Flowers

I just got back from the thrift store that's located not too far from me. I'm always looking for fabric (along with other items) to use in my art and found some fabric and colors I've wanted. My daughter and I are making rolled fabric flowers from scraps of satin, organza, silk, gauze, tulle, lace, muslin, and cotton. Some of the most beautiful fabric I found is the single pleated curtain panels and sheer curtain panels -- LARGE pieces of beautiful fabric for pennies! I found all the fabric and eight out-of-print vintage children's books for $5.00! These are just a few of the curtains and scraps I found:

I cut off all the seams and hems which I save to use for other projects, then I cut or tear strips of fabric to use for making rolled fabric flowers: 
This is a Salmon-Coral Rose colored satin pillow sham with three layers: one sheer, one crinkled and one smooth texture:

Some lovely cotton scraps in the neutral and autumn colors that I'll use closer to the end of summer and into autumn:

One of the books I found is Bounce and the Bunnies by Ruth Carroll with a copyright 1934. Not necessarily a "spring" book but the cute BUNNIES make me think SPRING. Bounce, the lonesome little puppy, goes out on his own to play in the meadow but is injured while playing. Mrs. Hoppit helps him by taking him to her rabbit hole house to mend where he stays for quite a while:

Spring is just around the corner! Bunnies  ---- and lambs, birds and flowers, oh, my!

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