Thursday, June 28, 2012

Still Here In Scorching, Desert-like Drought Conditions!!!

Wow! Time has flown by, two and a half months! I've been busy at work, at my Mom's, and out in the back yard getting my flowers and garden started. BUT being out side in the day is coming to a halt while the scorching, desert-like drought is here. I'm only out in the early morning to check my plants and water them, then hibernating inside the rest of the day until time to go to work. Right now it is 106 degrees, feels like 112 degrees with the next week or more in the 90's still!

A peek into my backyard and garden. Over in what I call my "East" Garden, which I don't have a picture of right now, I have Sunflowers, Cosmos, Spider Plants, Marigolds, Forget-Me-Not, Calendula, Zinnias, Daisies, Poppies, Bachelor Buttons, Nasturtium, an Old Fashioned Garden mix and herbs all starting from seeds.

This year I'm experimenting with Square Foot Gardening in the Round - I have 15 Heirloom Tomato plants in the circle: 6 Berkeley Tie-die, 6 Solar Flare, 2 Green Zebra and 1 Box Car Willie. Along the "West" Garden privacy fence I have 4 Cherry/Grape Tomato plants: 1 each of  Snow White, Yellow Pear, Peacevine and Rosalita with 12 Mammoth Sunflowers AND my daughter's hanging Strawberry pots. I'm also experimenting with using Marigolds and Basil around my Tomatoes as pest control and companion planting.

Isn't this a gorgeous Tomato blossom in the picture below? It almost looks like a small Sunflower!

Gardening in desert, drought conditions is something I haven't done since 1988 so I'm hoping my Tomatoes and flowers make it through! How is your garden doing/growing in these conditions?


  1. Hi Deb

    It certainly sounds like you've got a challenge on your hands - but I'm sure you'll learn so much this summer and remember lots too from way back.

    We've the complete opposite to you. It feels like it has rained here for that last 3 months - the garden is soggy - I haven't seen the sun in ages and it's about 13 - 15 degrees c every day with torential rain. My front lawn hasn't been mowed in a month.

    1. Hi Rosie,

      Thanks for stopping by! Yes, watering so plants have enough water and yet aren't water-logged with no air is a delicate balance. My non-stop tuberous Begonia is now wilting/dying because I over watered. :-( My yard hasn't been mowed either in over a month due drought. We are now under a burn ban.

      Oh, my, you have a more difficult situation because it's hard to *make that sun start shining and to stop that rain.* Hope it improves for you too.


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