Friday, July 6, 2012

I'm With The Birds - Staying In The Shade (Air Conditioning)!!!

How things changed only one day after my post last Thursday June 28th! On Friday, the 29th, a severe thunderstorm, the DERECHO (bow echo) went through the area causing major damage and power outages. I did not make in to work. We were without power until late this past Tuesday night, July 3rd. The power company has been working non-stop since then and was close to having almost all the power restored when another storm came through again last night causing more power outages, for some who had just got their power back on that day. This is what my swing looked like after the storm - the seat is bent now with a slant to the left but we can still swing:

There are lots of trees down in our area, with over 500 trees city wide damaged or completely down. These are only a FEW of the trees a couple blocks away from us which contributed to our power outage.

Now, today we are experiencing the extreme, intense heat dome with the current temperature of 100 and moving on up with the *possible* 102-104 temp. A cloud cover may help keep it a couple degrees lower. I don't even want to talk "feels like" heat index because it's all way to hot for me. I get heat sickness and have not felt well/myself all week and we have air conditioning in the house and van. While there was a small bit of rain to the east of us we have had no rain in all of this. I'm continuing to water my vegetables and flowers but I'm not staying outside. I'm letting my hose and sprinkler do it. I'm with the birds, in the shade (air conditioning)!

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