Saturday, July 7, 2012

Garden Is Surviving, First Harvest!

Even in this extreme heat and weather, my watering has helped my garden stay green and it is "growing" - surviving. Within a week's time since the storm passed through, the flowers that love this type of weather, like the Sunflowers, have grown 2-2 1/2 feet! So has my Cucumber.

The first blossoms on all my Tomato plants have grown into nice fruit that are starting to ripen and the plant itself continues to grow tall, almost 2 more feet BUT there aren't many more blossoms and I'm afraid if the heat doesn't change and get cooler they won't be able to set more fruit. I don't have any corn in my garden but the farmers in the area are having a difficult time with the hot, dry conditions. The corn has entered the pollination phase and if it doesn't get cooler soon it may not set enough pollen for effective pollination, which means no real crop.

This week in the garden, first harvest:

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