Thursday, August 16, 2012

Claudine Hellmuth's Online Composition Class Week 1

Last week I started Claudine Hellmuth's online composition class at Big Picture Class. It's my first online class and I am enjoying it very much. Claudine shares techniques for creating better composition in collage and art work. Her class includes printable transcripts, audio/video lessons, many wonderful images to download to experiment with and a message board to talk with her and the other participants. It's so fun to see all the other collages. Already I am looking at my art differently. I'm going back and looking at older pieces to see ways they could have been better too.

With starting my new job it's taking me a bit longer but I finally finished my "asymmetrical" collage homework for her class. I titled it "Tomato Preserves" - the photo of the lady is Claudine's but I had some images of tomatoes, canning jars, inventory sheet that worked well. I've been wanting to make a personal family recipe book so this may very well be the start of it or the cover.


"Tomato Preserves"


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