Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The New Direction Is ...

A new job! I start tomorrow with Orientation at 9:00a.m. After eleven months working at a large, well known, one-stop, retail company I'll be working for a smaller, more local (Meijer) but growing retail company, one that I have been trying to get in to for two years! My timing has been off, I'd get my app in just at the tail end when the positions had been filled but they hadn't taken the job off the online site. Around the first week of July I spoke with a couple of employees to find out they were hiring again, updated my application as soon as I got home, just at the right time. I went through my 3 interviews in 6 days, gave my 2 week notice with Aug 5th being my last day. So, once again, I am in transition and will be taking time to adjust to my new job.

On a different note, today I stopped at a thrift store and found a wonderful book, one of my favorite picture books from when my daughters were very young. Richard Scarry's Busy, Busy World, A Giant Golden Book with a copyright of 1971. It isn't in the best of shape, the spine is missing but I couldn't pass it up and I know I won't let go of it. It's a keeper for our home library, even though my girls and I are long past the time for actually sitting down to read Richard Scarry's books! I love the illustrations ...

AND this week I am also starting Claudine Hellmuth's online composition class. Next week I'll be starting my personal history and word study again. Looking forward to some exciting events, my new direction!


  1. Deb, CONGRATS on the new job!! That is just awesome! I'm looking for a job and I know God has something planned for me...I just have to be patient!
    Have a blessed day~

    1. Thanks Patty! :-) God will open up the right door/job at the right time, He did for me. Blessings!


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