Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Post Card To Help Save A Little Post Office

Jane Davies owns a little Post Office in Rupert, Vermont which is under review for deciding whether or not to keep it open. See a picture and video of her little Post Office and read what she shared about it here at: Jane's little Post Office. She says: "It's one of the smallest, and definitely the cutest, post office in the state, and probably in the country."  And I agree with her, it certainly is and I love her chickens, too!

In an attempt to increase the volume of mail to her Post Office she is sharing a fun post card mailing hoping to keep her Post Office open. Here's her instructions:
 So, in an attempt to (A) increase the volume of mail that comes through my little post office, and (B) to do something really FUN, I'm proposing the following:
  • YOU send me an art postcard. It can be original handmade, or a photocopy of something you've made. Print your name and address clearly on the card.
  • Mail to: Jane Davies, PO Box 45, Rupert, VT  05768
  •  I  send YOU a postcard, handmade.  I don't promise it will be something you want to frame, but it will be original.  I will send postcards to the first 200 respondents.
  • I will post ALL the post cards I receive on this blog.  On each card I will indicate the name of its creator and the place from whence it came.  If the volume is overwhelming, I'll open a separate blog just for the cards.  If nobody sends me a card, I will be sad and our post mistress will be out of a good time, and eventually a job.
She also has some great art tutorials at her blog. One of my favorite is the Visual Journal with Gel Plate where she shows how to make journal page backgrounds and pages (the unbound folios) as starting points for visual exploration. She paints, draws, prints then decorates or makes collage for finishing the pages for binding into a book format for further use. More of her tutorials here.

Here's a photo of a post card I made for a post card swap in 2008 that I sent to her yesterday:

 photo WinterPostCard2008_zps829004dd.jpg

I printed it on cardstock then printed the image of one of my antique post cards (below) on the other side to make it look like a real post card - up at the top left is says: "T. N. T."--To-day, Not to-morrow!:

 photo AntiquePostCardFree_zps9d31bd5c.jpg

This vintage post card image above is a "Freebie For You" from my personal vintage post card collection. This is free to download and you may use it in your art only, NOT for Sale on a Collage Sheet or a CD.

If you use this vintage post card for any personal art or art projects for sale, please, make a reference back to me here at my altered heART works blog A Post Card To Help Save A Little Post Office. Thanks! I would love to see what you make. :-)

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