Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy February! & My First Pink Saturday!

Happy February! This is a month deep in the beauty of Winter and alive with the color of red and pink for Valentine's Day, hearts and love. There are LOTS of wonderful projects and tutorials for all kinds of Valentine's Day and heart projects. There's just not enough time to be able to make them all!

For starters, Sugar Lump Studios 14 heARTS starts today and she has her first project: Romance & Genteel Ladies. I am looking forward to all her projects. Follow along, she has a giveaway each project!

One of my February Valentine's Day projects I started a couple weeks ago is this one: beautiful paper strip hearts. Liz from Hoosier Homemade has a tutorial to show how to make them here.

Mine are finished and hanging on my mantle but I want to make a few more. The strips are reds, pinks, and silver shades with a few of the red ones left over from Christmas projects. I found cute little silver metallic heart brads for closing the ends.

 photo Hearts1a_AHW_zps45dccd40.jpg

 photo AHW_Hearts2b_zpsca102b07.jpg

I found two other version of this project where photographs are used on one side of the paper, so cool:

Scrapper Girl has two versions: pink, black and white Photo Heart Love and red, black and white Photo Heart Tutorial

eighteen25 has another black and white: Photo Strip Hearts

Crocheting is relaxing for me. I can listen to a book tape or music and the time flies by. Right now I'm making a small crochet heart garland of red, pink, and white crochet hearts. I'm using some for Valentine altered art projects and cards too. I used two different crochet patterns. Little Birdie Secrets has a tutorial with a video: how to crochet a heart which I used for most of the hearts. The other pattern is from Flower Girl Cottage and she has video showing how to make the "Magic Loop" at her Simple and Cute Heart Pattern Free. Using different thread and yarns plus different crochet hook sizes makes for the different sizes of hearts.

 photo RedWhitePinkCrocehtHearts_zps45f01867.jpg

 photo PinkCrochetHearts_zpscb6266ff.jpg

February is the month of Love but each and every day should be filled with as much love as possible. I enjoy putting quotes and scripture verses around the house as helpful reminders. So, I finally completed a Cross Stitch pattern that has been lying around for a good long while. The pattern is from The Need'l Love Company called Love 'N Tulips by Diane Kramer.

 photo CorinthiansCrossStitchHeart_zps96ed919d.jpg

Tomorrow is Pink Saturday and this will be my first time to participate. Beverly of How Sweet The Sound hosts a special Saturday of links to all things PINK. Find many many many PINK lovelies here at Pink Saturday. What is Pink Saturday?

From all the PINK participants before me, the first one to interest me is Lululiz in Lalaland with her crochet pink granny square for her pink scarf project. So soft and cozy!  Lorraine from Over the Rainebeau visited me. I visited her blog and found she has some sweet vintage Valentines made and lovely free images for download. You can take a visit to both of these PINK participants by following the links above.

"I think of the love of God as a great river, pouring through us even as the waters pour through our ravine at flood time. Nothing can keep this love from pouring through us, except of course our own blocking of the river."
~Amy Carmichael~


  1. Hi Deb--Thanks for all the info on Valentine's Day projects. Your crochet hearts are adorable, they will be so cute in a banner! Happy Pink Saturday!! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥

    1. Hi Lorraine, Welcome! Thank you for your kind words and for the visit. Happy Pink Saturday to you also! Off to check out your site. :-)

  2. I love the hearts here! You have a very sweet blog!

  3. Good quote there at the end, so true!
    I love all the hearts. The crocheted ones remind me of caladiums -pink caladiums -- did I spell that correctly?
    Enjoyed your post - interested in some of your links. I'll save your page for another day.
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. Deb - your projects are so cute! I would love to make the paper hearts, but I'm not sure I'll have time this year. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog and Facebook. I really appreciate it. I'm enjoying a little snow, finally, here in mid-Michigan. It's such a peaceful view out my window! God bless!



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